Saturday, December 8, 2012

Accidental Shooting of New York Man Who Dropped Gun - No Charges

Local news reports
A Manchester man remains at Strong Memorial Hospital after an accidental shooting Saturday, Ontario County sheriff’s deputies said. 

Jason C. Bliven was attempting to put a handgun in a gun safe at his residence Saturday when the gun fell on the floor and discharged a round, which struck Bliven in the right side of his chest and exited out of his right shoulder area.
Two pro-gun lies debunked in one story. There is no de-facto gun ban in New York and guns often discharge when dropped.

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  1. As a pro-gun advocate i constantly tell ppl ny has the strictest gun laws not a all out ban on ownership and secondly its rare for a gun to discharge when dropped but not impossivle

  2. "There is no de-facto gun ban in New York"

    Mike, how many many times do we have to tell you that the de-facto ban is NYC - not NY state? Please stop trying to continue to sell this lie.

    Here, you can read about the geography and history of NYC:

  3. Does it also debunk the line that safe storage laws are safe?

    You need to know what kind of gun it was before you say the dropped gun discharge is debunked. There are many old designs that are not drop safe. Since guns last a long time, many are still in circulation.

    Frail Liberty already hit it, but serously mike, you have to stop mixing up New York State and New York City. You might as well say this debunks the pro-gun lie that guns aren't common in the UK because this happened in Manchester.

  4. Mikeb, please define the word "often."