Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pennsylvania School District Expands Its Gun-Free Zone

Local news reports
The Council Rock School Board voted 5-4 Thursday night to add the Chancellor Center, where the board holds its meetings, under a policy that bans weapons from school properties pursuant to state law.

The change basically states that the Chancellor Center is subject to the same state laws applicable to its school buildings. It reads, “The board affirms that the Chancellor Center, as a building of the Council Rock School District, is covered by and subject to state laws generally applicable to the grounds and buildings of public school districts.”
It's odd that even in Pennsylvania, which is well known for its gun culture, these folks feel the gun-free zone is a good thing.  Gun-rights activists always try to excessively disparage this popular belief.  It's a bluff on their part.  The truth is most people agree, the practice of allowing guns at schools and public buildings and around kids is best avoided if possible.

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  1. Educational institutions attract people with liberal values. And many people with liberal values do not like people carrying firearms in public. This initiative is no surprise to me.

    Whether or not most people think that "the practice of allowing guns at school and public buildings and around kids is best avoided" isn't relevant ... similar to the fact that it wasn't relevant that most people didn't want women or minorities to vote 100 years ago.

  2. Gun-free zones only disarm the good guys. People who intend to cause harm or who have a reckless disregard for the safety of others will ignore the rules, the rules which disarm their potential victims.

  3. Makes total sense to me. Where there are guns, there is of course a higher incident rate of gun accidents and gun crimes. Add to that the sometimes volatile nature of school board meetings and parent-teacher arguments, not to mention the sometimes poor judgement and impulsivity of children, and you have a potential disaster in the making on school property.

    As for the ignoramic assertion that Greg puts forth, the oft-repeated nonsense that "gun free zones only disarm the good guys," I can't find one example of where a gun owner has successfully used a gun in a school to fight off a shooter, including in states where people are allowed to carry in schools -- or other state government buildings for that matter. Maybe there are one or two out there that I am unaware of? But I can point to PLENTY of examples, many of which are blogged on here at this blog, of CCL owners running having accidents, allowing their guns to get into children's hands, or running amok and killing people in cold blood.

    1. You can't find an example of a good citizen using a gun to fight off a shooter on school property? Well that's shocking, considering schools are typically gun-free zones. Gee, when you tell the law-abiding that they can't do something, you shouldn't be surprised when they don't do it. By contrast, we can discuss the number of incidents in which an evil or insane person violated the rules.

      But that number is tiny, as are the incidents of carry license holders screwing up. Again, you have yet to tell us what your definitions of "plenty" and "few" are.