Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grand Funk Railroad - An American Band - Paranoid

I dedicate this classic to all our pro-gun friends who believe the government needs watching or that Obama will take their guns away or that some bad guy is going to hurt them any time now.


  1. As a die hard Detroit boy, who remembers Terry Knight, the CKLW DJ who formed the band, Terry Knight and the Pack, that became Grand Funk, I humbly admit, they had their great moments. I remember seeing them open for Joe Cocker and the Kinks in 1968? At the Grande Riviera....
    Actually, this is a very good cut from their second album, but since it is Zappadan, here's the link to a cut from their 1976 recording produced by Frank, he plays guitar on this, the first and the third giutar solos.

  2. Paranoid is when you are afraid somebody walking down the street or in a store just might have a gun.

    orlin sellers

  3. Mikeb, are you suggesting that we don't need to watch what the government does? Are you telling us that you agree with every action of the government?

    So be it. There's a syphilis test you can sign up for and a war awaiting your passive approval. Those are but two examples.