Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New York Lawful Gun Owner Drops Gun and is Shot in the Chest

Local news reports
An Ontario County man accidentally shot himself Saturday night, while attempting to store his gun in a safe.

Jason C. Bliven, 38, of Farmington was placing his loaded handgun back into a gun safe at his residence, when the gun fell to the floor and fired about 10:45 p.m. Saturday, according to Ontario County sheriff’s deputies.

One round struck Bliven in his chest, deputies said. The bullet exited his right shoulder.

Deputies said Bliven has a valid New York State pistol permit. The handgun involved in the accidental shooting was legally registered, deputies said.
It's a shame that a guy who's responsible enough to own a gun safe is also clumsy enough to drop the gun. Perhaps he believed the pro-gun claim that guns don't discharge when dropped and wasn't as careful as he should have been.

When he gets out of the hospital he should lose the contents of that gun safe as well as his New york State pistol permit.

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  1. If I had a dollar for every time some pro-gun extremist exclaimed that it wasn't possible for a gun to go off when dropped! Examples are easy to find, for a wide variety of guns. But the facts don't matter to those who are certain "it's not the gun that matters."

  2. Only when you, Mikeb, lose your right to post articles on the Internet. Rights are rights.

  3. greg-facts are facts! and the nra loves your "facts"
    tom webber

    1. True, that. Facts are facts, and they support my position, as I've demonstrated here many times.

  4. Why would you treat armed citizens any different from drivers MikeB? When a driver is guaranteed to lose their driver's license forever after any accident, we can talk about guaranteed revokation of gun rights forever from citizens who have firearms accidents.

    Remember, a person who loses control of a 3000 pound missile/battering ram can cause untold death and injury.

    1. Now you are simply making too much sense..Stop that. Guns are scary...everyone knows that..

    2. No, it's not because they're scary. It's because their purpose is to kill. That required special restrictions and controls.