Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wild Shootout in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - 1 Dead - 5 Wounded

Local news reports
According to a video of an interview posted by Bethlehem police on its official blog, Jeffrey Noe, a witness to the shooting, told police that the incident began as an argument. A man was walking down the street by himself and several people started hitting him with a bat, he said.

"There was a fight," Noe told police. "Two on six, two on eight. A guy pulled a gun and fired a warning shot in the air. Everybody scattered."

Shortly after, a second man started shooting people. He shot the man who had been beaten and fallen to the ground. Then the first shooter shot the second shooter, Noe said.

"After that, there was like 30 shots," he said. "I ducked for cover. Everybody was worried about their friends. Apparently, everybody was friends."

Morganelli said all of the people that investigators are looking at as potential suspects are at the hospital. He said the public should have "no concern whatsoever" that a gunman is at large.
Gun-rights people insist that as there are more and more guns in civilian hands, incidents like this will become less and less frequent.

Does that make sense to you?

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  1. The incident is being investigated, but please don't tell us that you regard a baseball bat as a non-lethal weapon--just one of those means of committing a mild battery.

  2. greg-you seem to approve of the gun being used to finish off the guy on the ground who survived the bat attack......
    tom webber

    1. Webber, stop being an idiot. Since the news source had few details, I don't know what got this in motion or who is at fault, so I'm not commenting on the incident itself. Unlike your side, I don't have to rush to judgement about what happened. I do know that if someone confronts me with a baseball bat, I want a gun.

    2. Really? I didn't get that from his response at all. Just because he survived being beated with a deadly weapon does not mean that weapon is less than lethal. Also, as I read the story, it was a man that was beaten and then shot, but it was a WOMAN that was killed. Which would mean that the man survived being assaulted by 2 different deadly weapons. It also means you didn't bother to read more than Mikeb's post.

    3. For Greg, anyone with a gun is justified.

    4. Not at all, Anonymous. I just don't rush to the conclusion that the person with the gun was in the wrong because he had a gun.

  3. It is my sincere hope that violent incidents will decrease as more and more citizens are armed. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

    But my focus is not on the number of violent events. Rather, I am more concerned that the number of severely wounded or murdered citizens will decrease as more and more citizens are armed.

    I think what you are going to see is NOT an increase in violent events. Rather you will see an increase in violent events where the victims can fight back. It is a good thing when an innocent victim can fight back and defend themselves and prevent their grave bodily injury, rape, or murder that would have happened otherwise.