Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wayne La Pierre on Costas' Half-Time Remarks


  1. Typical LaPierre twisting of the facts, turning Costas' comments into "gun banning."

    Way to go, Wayne, blame the victim by claiming she should have had a gun of her own, instead of admitting that the gun was in the wrong hands. (By the way, Wayne, there wasn't anyone stopping her from arming herself, so stop pretending her "freedoms" were infringed somehow).

    Typical life in a gunloon bubble, "They're out of touch, not me. It couldn't possibly be me."

  2. LaPierre and the others here are right. The gun control freaks would have us believe that a muscle-bound athlete couldn't kill someone any other way than using a firearm. They also would have us believe that they don't want to ban guns. Two questions for them:

    1. Explain to us how this football player would have failed to kill his girlfriend if he had chosen to beat her to death.

    2. Explain how we're supposed to accept your claim that you don't want a total ban on guns when all of your proposals and protests aim at banning or restricting something.