Thursday, December 13, 2012

Missouri 12-Year-old Kills Friend with Granddad's Gun - No Charges

Local Fox News reports

A 12-year-old Missouri boy shot and killed his friend Tuesday with a gun that belonged to his grandfather.

The boy found the gun in an unlocked bedroom at his grandfather`s house in University City, a suburb Northwest of St. Louis. The boy reportedly lived with his grandfather.

 The boy who fired the shot told police he was playing with the handgun and it went off, hitting the other 12-year-old boy in the head. The two were friends and classmates. reported that the boy who fired the shot was taken to authorities in the family court while the investigation unfolds. Investigators say they are treating the case as an accidental shooting.

The boy was taken to family court, whatever that means, and the grandfather? Nothing?


  1. This is why we need mandatory gun safety training in all schools. It is quite simple and would take less than one hour.

    And most of that one hour could be video vignettes of various victims as well as the perpetrators. Make it real for the children. Then teach them safety.

    1. Nah, be better to take the gun owner and inflict the same wound on them. Gunsucks are irresponsible pieces of shit, and this crap happens all the time. Eye for an eye, with gunsucks.

    2. Anonymous (the one who thinks education is the answer), do you suppose the kids who find dad's gun and hurt themselves and others received no training and had never been taught not to play with the gun? No, these kids were living in gun homes and had received all the training you want, but it didn't help.

  2. First anonymous guy

    I think that you have an idea that deserves some in depth discussion. Why not have gun safety class that teaches the fundamentals of firearm handling safety. The Eddie the Eagle program could be utilized which would result in a highly effective safety class.

    2nd anonymous

    Would you care to elaborate how us "gunsucks" are responsible for
    this specific act of gun negligence? Or better yet, why you feel we should be killed for it?