Friday, December 14, 2012

Oregon FFL Gun Dealer Indicted

Local news reports with video
The owner of a Grants Pass gun store is facing a seven-count indictment after illegally selling firearms.

Authorities say 63 year old Wilson Lee Clow Jr., owner of 2nd Amendment Guns, knowingly sold several high caliber weapons to a felon.

The court paperwork also reveals that the man falsified gun transaction paperwork.

He could face up to 10 years in prison with a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars.
I'm sure the pro-gun explanation is that guys like this are as rare as false DGUs. It's hard to argue with willful, self-serving blindness like that.

What's your opinion?


  1. Gunsuck gunsellers don't give a crap about laws. They just want to sell guns. Felons buy guns every day from gunsuck gunsellers.

  2. mikeb said... "I'm sure the pro-gun explanation is that guys like this are as rare as false DGUs."

    In the last report (2000) by the ATF on the subject of firearms trafficking, Corrupt FFLs was the largest source of firearms diverted to the black market, if I recall correctly it was about 40K firearms. FFLs had the lowest number of investigations, but the highest number of firearms per investigation.

    Many years ago, there was a fella in Virginia that got an FFL for the specific reason of trafficking firearms. I think he bought and sold more than 400 firearms without paperwork or forged paperwork before he got caught. If I recall correctly, he operated for about a year before being arrested.

    No, I won't say its rare, but corrupt FFLs and theft is why private sale background checks will not prevent criminals from getting guns. We have a federal law that requires background checks from FFLs, and that law didn't stop these criminals from getting guns from an FFL, assuming that this FFL is guilty.

    "The court paperwork also reveals that the man falsified gun transaction paperwork."

    and here's how the FFL tries to get away with trafficking firearms. A legitimate buyer goes into the store to purchase a firearm, the paperwork is completed and the buyer leaves. If the corrupt FFL has a felon lined up to purchase a firearm, the FFL will put the felon's firearm information on paperwork from the legal transaction. The legal buyer becomes a surrogate straw buyer.

    If I'm not mistaken, straw buyers are the largest source of investigations for trafficking, but I'm too lazy to dig up the ATF report to be certain. Here's one change for you to prove me wrong, mikeb, consider it an early Christmas gift. :-)

  3. O.K., so law enforcement did its job and arrested a criminal. Good. I suppose that no matter what evidence you're shown, Mikeb, you'll speculate that the reality is much higher. The good news is that American law doesn't yet recognize speculation as proof.

    1. Does the term "innocent until proven guilty" have any meaning anymore???

    2. Actually, I'm usually the one reminding the others of that. Among lawful gun owners and FFL dealers there is a large percentage that I call hidden criminals.