Friday, December 14, 2012

President Obama on the CT Shooting


  1. This is the same asshole that targets children for drone attacks.

    orlin sellers

  2. Thank you Mike, and God bless you.

    I am mostly concerned with work and home today. A housekeeper told me the news this morning. I really didn't want to hear it as my job is mostly about encouraging people and reflecting on what is just and good in this life.

    I sure as shit don't have time for TV. I like blogs and you remain one of my favorites. I guess drive time in California was a little bit too early for the bad news.

    As thankful as I am that a great hero like Obama stepped up to bear the burdens of the world on our behalf, I realize that he cannot bear the sins of his people alone, as did Moses, Elijah or Jesus Christ. He is just a man like you or me.

    May God richly bless all true believers.