Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toy Guns Lead to Gun Crime and Antisocial Behavior

The Derbyshire Times reports

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles is asking families and charities not to give youngsters realistic-looking toy guns this Christmas.

His call comes in support of an appeal by the Gun Control Network amid concerns that many children have already received toy and BB guns – which fire small plastic or aluminium balls – as gifts from Santa.

Mr Charles said: “While most toy guns are harmless, BB guns can cause considerable damage if fired irresponsibly. There’s also a strong argument that giving toy and BB guns to youngsters can lead to future gun crime and antisocial behaviour.”
He's in England, what does he know?

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  1. Realistic-looking BB and pellet guns, including AirSoft guns, have been used to rob, intimidate, threaten, injure and, yes, even kill people. Here are 65 incidents from this year alone, and only involving children:

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  3. Another article, which cites a number of cases of deaths due to these "toy" guns:

  4. England, exactly. What's surprising is that such things aren't illegal for everyone already.

  5. And don't let boys play with dolls or they'll end up gay and with AIDS.

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  6. This is a huge debate now in the US and all over the world. An article I recently read helps to understand more...

    1. Interesting article, Lena. I don't know if I agree completely, but it's an interesting angle on it. I mainly oppose the realistic-looking replicas.

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