Friday, January 11, 2013

Kansas City 4-Year-old Shot - No One Charged

Local news reports
Kansas City police are investigating how a 4-year-old girl was shot and critically wounded Thursday, apparently in an accident.

Police said the woman had left four children alone in a room. She heard a gunshot, ran back into the room and saw the girl had suffered a gunshot wound in her head. Police believe the girl found the gun sitting on a chair and fired it.

An investigator said the ages of the children inside the home were between 4 and 6.  A neighbor said she was the grandmother. 

Investigators were trying to determine who left the gun on the chair and how long it had been there.
Granny should be in the hoosegow. If someone else owned the gun, they should join her.

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  1. Missouri does have a law regarding safe firearm storage in effect and it seems likely that someone will be held accountable. The statement in the article that police are trying to determine who left the gun would suggest everyone was wearing their "Dont Snitch" tee shirts.
    Anyone who leaves a firearm lying around where kids have access shouldnt be suprised if they're immediately thrown under the bus.