Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guns Smuggled on Planes in Atlanta



  1. All the laws in the world is not going to stop a criminal from committing crimes. And they do get caught, sooner or later.

  2. Ah--the iron trickle.

    You know, if people can smuggle guns through airports, in this post-Sept. 11 climate of "terrorism" fears, it kinda gets hard to imagine that any number of gun laws will disarm people who so wish to be armed that they're willing to break those laws.

    I know for a fact that an all-out, confiscatory prohibition of all private firearm ownership won't disarm me.

    1. More tough-guy talk from the fake tough guy.

    2. If, by "fake tough guy," you mean I'm not tough, I can't really argue. The thing is, I'm not claiming to be tough.

      I do, though, have some principles, some lines in the sand that will not be crossed while I live. Does that frighten the government? Presumably not, but it preserves my dignity as a citizen who will live and die free.

      That's good enough.

    3. Because you own a few guns you think you're free, is that it Kurt?

    4. Because you own a few guns . . .

      Hmm--"a few?" I can't remember if you count yourself among the "gun control" advocates who (bizarrely) call for limits on the number of guns a person may own, but if so, you would probably refer to my guns (and magazines, and ammunition) as "an arsenal."

      . . . you think you're free, is that it Kurt?

      I've never argued that gun ownership guarantees freedom (I think I've recommended before that you read Jeff Snyder's brilliant "Walter Mitty's Second Amendment," about the fallacy of believing that gun ownership by itself preserves liberty) but gun prohibition guarantees serfdom (if said prohibition is not successfully defied).

    5. "guarantees serfdom" Hahahahahaha

    6. "guarantees serfdom" Hahahahahaha

      It should not surprise me that serfdom brings you mirth and joy.