Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Minimum Age to Carry Concealed by State

Dustin's Gun Blog


  1. The map is somewhat outdated. Missouri lowered its age of eligibility from 23 to 21 a few years ago, and then from 21 to 19 this past year. There are also no longer any "No Concealed Carry" states. Illinois' exit from that shameful condition is recent, but Wisconsin has had concealed carry for a number of years now.

    The good news is that I strongly suspect, as with everything concealed carry related, that all the changes have been in the right direction (toward less restriction).

    Anyway, the map is probably still accurate with regard to New Hampshire law on the subject, so it would appear that only the pro-stalker/rapist/murderer school policy, and not state law, demands that she be defenseless.

  2. The map tells a bit of the story. For example, while you have to be 21 for a concealed carry permit, you can open carry at 18. There are likely a few other states like this.

  3. Yep, somewhat out of date would be an understatement. Texas allows 18 year old CHLs for those that are serving or have served in the military with a honorable discharge. Their CHLs are also free (excluding the class) while in the military or within a year of their discharge.