Friday, January 7, 2011

Boston Murders Up - Blame Georgia

On someone else's blog that post title might be facetious, but here I assure you it is not. Of course it's not just Geoergia that we blame.

The guns were bought, law enforcement officials say, over a two-month period in 2009 by two men whose criminal records prevented them from making the purchases personally; instead, they paid “straws,” in this case two women, to buy the weapons for them. According to a federal indictment handed down last month in Atlanta, the transactions took place without a hitch, and within weeks the guns were wreaking havoc on the streets of Boston.
Now, I had a solution for that. Why is no one listening? Maybe they're not listening YET.

Here's the best part of the article, though.  It seems Boston is now on board with the other major cities where gun crime is way up. What in the hell is it with these pro-gun guys who keep telling us it's going down?

Despite increased manpower, despite resources targeted at illegal gun trafficking, and despite such proven results as the annual seizure of about 600 weapons and the jailing of more than 100 persons a year in Boston for illegal possession and/or trafficking in guns, the grimmest reality remains: Gun violence in the city of Boston is edging up; 264 people were killed or wounded by gunfire in the city in 2010, a 17 percent increase over 2009. Murder by gunfire went up even more, from 35 in 2009 to 58 last year, an increase of some 60 percent.
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  1. MikeB: “What in the hell is it with these pro-gun guys who keep telling us it's going down?”

    Some places are going up, other places are going down. More places are going down than up. If the aggregate was going up, would you really let us get away with saying that is not true because some places are going down? It is simply impossible for every locale and every state to be having crime rates going in the same direction (up or down).

  2. Sounds like it would be wise to own a gun for protection in the Boston area.

  3. TS, Of course some go up an some go down, but I've read enough reports of major centers that have gone way up that it makes me suspicious of any report that says the overall number is down. That's all I mean.

    Jim, You're right. Unfortunately that only adds to the problem.