Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Funniest Gun Blogger on the Internet

No, it's not Linoge, and it's not Joe Huffman.  It's Sean Sorrentino.

Here's a link to an amazing post he made a couple months ago. It's an e-mail exchange we had, a private e-mail exchange between the two of us which he posted without my permission.  I'm seriously considering suing his ass, except, and here's the amazing part, it makes him look so bad.

Please read it through and tell me if you agree.


  1. Mike, given that I am addressing your comment that you had a Japete’s site, I thought I might as well respond to you on your own blog:

    MikeB: “japete, it's nice of you to thank Rob, but what he's doing is perpetuating one of the gun crowd's favorite deceipts. He put the words legally owned but fails to mention that no one is keeping count of the number of crimes committed by machine guns, whether legally owned or not.”

    The NFA requires stamps and registration of every legally owned machine gun for the past 70+ years. What Rob said was that two of these have been used for homicides in this time (regardless of whether they passed into criminal hands, or how law-abiding the shooter was). If a machinegun was used that was NOT an NFA stamped weapon, then it was NEVER a legally owned machinegun. You have always placed culpability on us because “guns always start off legally owned”, but this is not the case here (be it an illegal manufacture, illegal import, or falling out of government hands).

  2. Something's not altogether right about Sean Sorrentino.

    But really we should be calling him Angus of Hamildone.

  3. Mike, I like Sean’s arguments, and was disappointed by Japete’s reaction of making it so personal on her site. But for the record I wish everyone would lay off that comment you made a while back. You could be a reformed gangbanger for all I care- it doesn’t change your position now (though it is obvious that it has been blow way out of proportion).

  4. I don't know why you care about what these people think about you.

  5. …I mean, you lived in New Jersey for Pete’s sake. Who isn’t an illegal gun owner in NJ?

  6. Here's the major disconnect with Sean Sorrentino, he wishes to pretend criminal acts are the worst thing in the universe. That's fine--it's his prerogative.

    But in nearly the same breath he says he's free to commit crimes if he disagrees with the law. Not only does he believe that when he commits crimes, it's ok--he also thinks it admirable.

    This is classic sociopathic behavior where one believes crimes or sins committed by other are grave offenses but when committed by the sociopath, they are both justified and laudatory.

  7. TS, Thanks for what you said. It means a lot to me.

  8. Really, this is the best post you can come up with?

  9. In case you haven't noticed mikeb, japete won't even respond to your comments on her blog.

    That should tell you something.