Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Missouri 12-Year-Old Kills Parents

In the Show-Me State they're so big on "individual responsibility" that they're actually talking about charging this boy as an adult.


  1. You're about 6 months late on this story... Putting all the due diligence in that you normally do i see...

  2. And that changes what, exactly?

  3. My best guess, you stumbled across the story while looking for a different story, and though "Hey! Here's another piece I can use for my fear mongering propaganda"

    You're showing the ineptitudes your general analysis of "gunloons" and firearms culture, mirror your research ability.

  4. Anonymous, I stumbled upon that story just like you said. And that changes what,exactly.

    I use these anecdotal news stories to make my points. I don't think of it as "fear mongering propaganda."

    You're perfectly free to call it what you like, but let me ask you this. What do you think about my ideas that it's wrong to allow a 12-year-old access to a gun while unsupervised. And when he gets ahold of one and kills his parents, it's wrong to charge him as an adult.

    Those are the points of discussion on this thread, not how old the story is or how I came across it.