Friday, January 7, 2011

Concealed Carry Permits in Florida

I thought they practically give those permits away in states like Florida. I figured just about anybody could get one.  Now I know I was right.

Excerpt from an e-mail I received from a friend in Florida who has the misguided idea that a CCW permit is what he needs.  He must be reading the wrong blogs.

On Wednesday evening I took a gun safety class as part of the process to get a CCW permit in Florida. There were about 25 people who took the class with about five women, including two early 20 something girls.

The classroom part of the course spent about 30 minutes going through a 40 page booklet the Florida Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing puts out.  I received the booklet a month ago when I requested a copy through the Internet. Most of the time in the classroom covered where you can carry the firearm and that it has to be fully concealed.

During the classroom session, the NRA certified instructor said that in order for a firearm to be effective, it has to be able to be drawn and used within 2.5 seconds. Of course, then you have the issue or when you can use deadly force and most times if you a chance to flee or avoid the situation than you cannot legally use the fire arm. The instructor gave a scenario of someone breaking into your car in the parking lot and you going out to confront them with the gun. That would be a no no. Call 9-11 and stay in your home. Only if someone is involved in a forcible felony can you legally expose or use the weapon.

Other interesting facts he gave in the classroom lesson was that according to Florida Dept of Crime statistics the effective range for a handgun is 6.3 feet. About the length of a car hood. Makes sense when you consider all the traffic stops cops do and the amount of armed criminals. The instructor also quoted a FBI statistic that most hand guns are used when the target is 5. 3 feet. With these distances, the students taking the firearm safety class had to shoot at a target that was posted at 6 feet. The firearm was a .22 revolver. 30 rounds were shot and you had to shot at least 70 percent in the middle ring of the target.

Thought u might like to hear about the CCW permit process here in Florida.
What's your opinion? Is that adequate preparation for someone to legally carry a gun in public?

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