Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep. Giffords Threatened Before

Via TPM:


  1. Incredibly, I was caught in the same room with people watching the minute-to-minute coverage of this on FOX news. What a nightmare! Without bothering to fake any emotions about how horrible or tragic this incident truly was, or that it happened to a nice lady who was meeting her constituents or any crocodile tears for the dead, just about the first thing they started ranting about was, "Blogs on both sides are using this event to bolster their political views." The next thing said was that the shooter had copies of Marx' Communist Manifesto and Hitler's Mein Kampf. After all, the new reality is that Hitler was just a left-wing socialist like Obama, right? Probably some crazed Obama-lover I guess. They go on to mention that the shooter was very upset that we were no longer on the gold standard!?! Wonder where he got the idea to be pissed off about that!

    FORBES magazine recently printed an article about how Hoover, Nixon and Obama were the worst three presidents that ever happened to our economy. Nixon, because he took us off the gold standard. They beat this drum like Sonny and Cher. From an advertisement for U.S. Government Gold Eagles found in a magazine for retired Coast Guard, Navy and Marines.

    Reagan understood that gold should be a major part of the foundation of a sound monetary system...Although Reagan failed to bring us back to the gold standard, he was able to bring us the most sought after and profitable gold coins in American history.

    As the FOX announcer reiterates this point a second time, he emphasizes, "which we're NOT!!" (on the gold standard.)

    This lunatic, (no offense to gun-owners,) is probably a regular FOX/Beck/Rush watcher/listener. Am I going out on a limb? Not likely.

  2. I think you're right, Flying Junior. He sure seems to me like just another gun-totin' impressionable young man who was pushed over the edge by the Becks and Palins and Bachmans of the world.

    It's disgraceful the way those people have made a science out of divisive politics using lies and scare-tactics to sell their books and increase their fame. They are unscrupulous in the extreme and my main hope is that the country will wake up and see the truth about them and their transparent tactics.