Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Like That Senator Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand
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  1. She has got to be the hottest Senator ever.

  2. Did you like her when she was A rated by the NRA?

  3. TS, I didn't remember about that former "A" rating. Is that because of some legislation she'd supported? Did she change later in her career? What's the story?

  4. When she represented a rural upstate NY area, she was lockstep with the NRA. After she took over Hillary’s job (and also representing NYC) she did a 180 from pressure by Schumer and McCarthy. She is pandering to one of our sides and has shown a complete lack of integrity. My guess is it was our side that was taken. I don’t think someone who truly believes in gun rights can do that.

  5. TS, I guess I agree. But, it is possible that someone changed from one to the other. I like what she stands for now, and if that's the result of an insincere politically-motivated decision, I'll still take it.

    Politicians are often like that. It goes with the territority.