Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DGU or Something Else

In Oklahoma, like many places, you can pretty much shoot whom you want if they're in or around your house.  They don't need to be necessarily threatening your life, it's enough that you say they were trying to break in.

A homeowner in Owasso shot a burglar this morning who was trying to break in to his house.

21-year-old Cody Hurst was shot twice by the homeowner and was taken to a local hospital.

Police are not releasing any other details yet about exactly what happened. The case will be submitted to the Tulsa County D.A.'s office for review and possible charges.
Sometimes what's described as an "attempted burglary" is really a drunk kid stumbling around just looking for the right house. I'm sure the charges mentioned in the article are not attempted murder on the part of the homeowner. What do you think?

Of course, John Lott thought it was a good one.  He would have to, how else could he reach 2.5 million a year.


  1. In Oklahoma we value our rights, including our right to defend our homes. Being drunk is the drunk's problem. The homeowner only has a duty to keep intruders out of his or her home. They have no duty to discern whether the person who broke through the door is drunk or sober.

  2. "like many places, you can pretty much shoot whom you want if they're in or around your house. They don't need to be necessarily threatening your life"

    Quite wrong on that one... Most states, even those with Castle Doctrine, have an "escalation of force", and/or "no lesser force" clauses.
    Meaning that the mere presence of a threat is not alone justifiable in taking a life.

    How do you know he was a drunk teenager stumbling around for the right house? I missed that in the article.

    I'm waiting for more facts to come to light. I suggest you do the same.

  3. Last Tuesday I went to a local bank and made a deposit. The next day I heard on the news that the very same bank was robbed less than an hour after I had been there. Glad I was not there at the time of the robbery. More to the point, when I was there the bank might have been being cased by the three black males who robbed the bank. It would not matter if there were three CCW holding citizens at the bank. A more stronger deterrent to preventing bank robberies would to install man traps at all the banks along with metal detectors. But that would be fought by the banking industry.

  4. Rob, That "escalation of force" nonsense is just that. The DGU shooter, just like the cops, is always talking about "lunging" and "reaching for a gun" and any other number of descriptions that will cover his ass after he blew the guy away.

    What else is he gonna say, taht the guy really wasn't a threat and I shot him too quickly to know that?

    The fact is, many DGU shootings are nothing of the kind. They're often murder disguised, or assault as the case may be.

  5. Il Principe, When you get that CCW license you can be ready for situations like that. That should make the world a safer place. (that's sarcasm)

  6. Don't worry about me trying to be Mr. Citizen hero. I expect the cops to earn their pay besides just handing out traffic tickets for no seat belts. Do most 2nd amendment supporters hate the seat belt laws and other infringements on personal freedom.

  7. II I am sure the police will write up a very thorough report on the 6 dead people at the bank when they respond after the shooting starts. It is rare that a police officer is in position to prevent a crime from happening. Most of the time they are called after the fact to try to aprehend the criminal or just file a report.