Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Efraim Diveroli Goes to Jail

TPM has the report on the boy genius.

Miami gun runner Efraim Diveroli was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison for trying to ship millions of rounds of Chinese-made ammunition to forces in Afghanistan fighting alongside U.S. troops, the Associated Press reported.

Diveroli said the "good times" he enjoyed due to the sudden wealth brought on by the $300 million contract wasn't worth it. "No way it could ever be worth the suffering I have endured and my family has endured because of my actions," he said.

"To participate in such a fraud when people are putting their lives on the line, that makes it so much sadder. For money," U.S. District Judge Joan said in sentencing Diveroli. "Mr. Diveroli may have been clever, but not wise."
On the way to prison, it's easy to be repentent. But what about this?

"Once a gun runner, always a gun runner," Diveroli told an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) before he was arrested and charged with possession of firearms as a convicted felon and with possession of firearms while under indictment for a felony offense back in August. 

Sentencing in the gun possession case is scheduled for Jan. 25, where Diveroli could get up to an additional 10 years in prison.
Sounds to me like he's one of those gun guys who think they're above the law, you know the "bad laws be damned" type.

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  1. I think the criminal got what was coming to him... Has absolutely nothing to do with law abiding gun owners.

  2. Man, who could see that coming?

    All gunloons are law-abiding, so when a gunloon breaks the law, he's no longer law-abiding. Thus he's not a gunllon anymore.


    Snark aside, the NRA makes guys like this possible. BTW, the buried story here is that the kid is probably taking the fall for his dad.

  3. Jade, believe it or not, but many of us are not involved in $300 million smuggling operations.

  4. the NRA makes guys like this possible.


    The US Army has been buying contracts from the guy since 2007...

    The NRA... lol.

  5. TS: However, you support an organiztion that does facilitate gunrunning. So, it's not much of a distinction.

  6. He was a "boy genius," lauded by the gun crowd and persecuted by the gun control zealots until he went down hard. Now he's a big-time criminal and has nothing to do with law abiding gun owners. Rob said so.