Sunday, January 2, 2011

Guns, Alcohol, Arizona

AZ CCW Without Permit Working Well
Good thing AZ has CCW without permit:
PHOENIX (AP) — A man accused of opening fire in a Phoenix strip club, killing two people and injuring three others, told police that he had planned the crime and chose the victims at random, according to a court document released Tuesday.

Gavin Macfarlane, 28, of Scottsdale, is accused of shooting four people with a .38-caliber revolver and physically attacking a fifth person at the Great Alaskan Bush Company shortly before midnight  Sunday. Patrons tackled and beat him after he ran out of ammunition.

1 comment:

  1. This is terrible. There should have been someone that was carrying concealed to stop this criminal.

    Oh yeah, You still cannot carry in a strip club with a bar in Arizona and criminals like this douchebag don't worry about laws.

    Thanks for the reminder that these criminals are everywhere, even in states that have CCW without a license.