Tuesday, February 21, 2012

9 Month Old Dead in Shooting : Enough is Enough

Too damned many innocent people die from gun violence.

And our gun nuts are part of the problem because of their resistance to measures which would possibly minimally inconvenience them, in order to reduce the number of guns in the hands of criminals.

Their more guns, no restrictions attitude kills people.  Innocent people's blood is on their hands.

The police Sgt. sums it up, enough is enough.

From MSNBC.com :

9-month-old Mich. boy dies in drive-by shooting

DETROIT – A nine-month-old boy was killed Monday after gunfire erupted into a house, shattering a neighborhood’s morning calm on the city's west side, police said.
Between 20 to 30 shots were fired into a house in the 8400 block of Greenview Avenue, near Tireman, investigators said.
Police said there were several adults inside the home at the time of the shooting. The baby had been in the living room in front of the house, they added.
The boy was taken to Sinai Grace Hospital, where he died.
"I believe that we as a community have to come together to stop this senseless violence," Detroit police Sgt. Eren Stephens told The Detroit News. "It's going to take everyone in this community to say enough is enough."
Neighbor Diane Fryst, 67, said she heard shots ring out and hit the floor.
"The shooting didn't last more than a few minutes," Fryst told the Detroit News. "It sounded like an AK-47 because of the 'pop, pop, pop' sound that it made. I've heard shots around here before so you get to recognize the sound."
No arrests had been made.
It’s the second time within weeks that a Detroit youngster has been killed.
Kadejah Davis, 12, was killed on Jan. 31 when a gunman fired through the front door of the home in which she was living with her mother, according to the Detroit News.


  1. Dog Gone, if you want to assign blame, you must take your share. You show no willingness to offer anything in return for the silly restrictions that you demand. You show no reason to believe that what you propose will have the effect IN THIS COUNTRY that you predict. You show no reason to believe that your proposals will stop the kind of violence that you discuss in articles like this.

    The shooter here sounds like a gang member fighting a turf war. Why not focus your attention on getting control of gangs--the ones who are committing these crimes? They're the problem, not the vast majority of gun owners in this country.

    Besides, crime rates are down. They continue to go down. You propose radical solutions to a diminishing problem.

    1. Crime rates are down, but they are still many times higher than they could be, especially gun violence.

      You are part of the sick, violent gun culture Greg. There is no real or reasonable argument for 'offering' anything to reduce guns and reduce gun crime.

      That is on a par with saying we should have offered making some slavery legal in order to reduce slavery, and then everything would have been wonderful. Because hey, slavery had been a world wide, Bible justified, Founding Fathers approved 'natural right' to property that just happened to be people, and who could argue with that?

      There is every reason to believe that fewer guns result in less gun violence, fewer gun accidents, and less shootings overall --- ALL done without making the free world one damn bit less free, just less avoidably dead, injured, or threatened. It is true everywhere else in the world where there are fewer guns and effective regulation. There is no need to reinvent the wheel here - it's been done.

      Pat of disarming a gang, making them less lethal would be to get rid of guns, dummy.

      Gun crimes are not down nearly as low as they could be, and lazy, irresponsible gun transactions by people like you is part of the problem, as is stupid gun owners who routinely employ failed logic. Guess who I mean

    2. Again, you refuse to address how your proposals could work in THIS COUNTRY. Gun control was possible in Europe because far fewer people owned guns there, and the population was much more compliant than ours. Illegal goods cross our borders all the time--why wouldn't guns? You advocate pipe dreams, but when it comes to explaining the practical details, you have nothing.

    3. The number of guns in this country does not make gun regulation impossible, it is simply part of the problem for which we require a solution.

      We don't stop plowing roads when we have a lot of snow and only plow them when we have a little. The problem is the problem; it is not a legitimate reason to refuse to address the problem.

      We've given you all kinds of practical details. You don't want to address the problem; the issue is not really the details, it is your fantasies and delusions about what guns mean to you.

  2. DG,how about getting educated on the situation in Detroit.
    orlin sellers

    1. Orlon, you have shown repeatedly you are as uneducated as it is possible for a human being to be.

      You DO know this isn't REAL reporting don't you?

      Are you next going to argue that the 'social club' militia group was just forming their own army for national defense?

      This situation exists because of too many guns and too damn much gun violence in the first place. You haven't made a point, but you're too dumb to understand that.

    2. DG said, "You DO know this isn't REAL reporting don't you?"
      and then said: "This situation exists because of too many guns and too damn much gun violence in the first place. You haven't made a point, but you're too dumb to understand that."
      Okay. What you said is this isn't reporting on a situation that exists. I'm not sure exactly how that kind of contradiction works. It actually sounds like reporting on a situation that Does exist, now doesn't it?

      It seems your education is right on par with the others who spent their days and years in a classroom, not in the real world.
      orlin sellers

    3. Dear stupid Orlin - first, you are not anonymous, so stop writing under the sobriquet of anonymous, and then signing a name.

      REAL REPORTING takes more than an i-gadget ap. This is not legitimate reporting.

      There is a genuine problem with a lack of policing in some parts of Michigan; that is due to the problems with funding police. There would be less of a need to fund police if there were fewer guns and less gun violence.

      I've spent not only a lot of time outside of the classroom, I'd bet I've spent it in more parts of the real world than you have.

      Although I'm unconvinced that any amount of either education or direct experience would ameliorate your mental incapacity.

  3. DG, you are a hoot! A one trick pony who thinks she can fool everyone by being a haughty harridan.
    orlin sellers