Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's so hard to change your mind when you attempt suicide with a firearm....

Another gun violence tragedy.  Suicide attempts are more deadly when a firearm is involved.  In this case, the emergency first responders were apparently at risk as well.

From Fox News:

'Seinfeld' Star Daniel von Bargen Survives Suicide Attempt

Updated: Wednesday, 22 Feb 2012, 4:29 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 22 Feb 2012, 4:29 PM EST
(NewsCore) - Actor Daniel von Bargen, who played George Costanza's boss Mr. Kruger on "Seinfeld," is fighting for his life after surviving a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, TMZ reported Wednesday.
"I've shot myself in the head ... and I need help," von Bargen says in a chilling 911 call after what is believed to have been a suicide attempt at his apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The 61-year-old tells the 911 operator, "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to," adding fragmented details about doctors planning to "amputate at least a few toes" due to his diabetes.
Audio of the 911 call suggests that when emergency personnel arrived at his apartment the actor could still have been armed as he is ordered to keep his hands where they are visible.
Von Bargen was admitted to a local hospital and remains in critical condition.
In addition to his role as the lackadaisical boss on the NBC comedy, von Bargen appeared on "Malcolm in the Middle" as Commandant Edwin Spangler and in the 2001 film "Super Troopers" as Chief Grady.
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  1. And once again suicide rates are much higher in gun free Japan. Obviously people managed to kill themselves without guns in the gun free utopia of Japan.

    In fact when you combine the US homicide and suicide rate and compare it to Japan's homicide and suicide rate the numbers are statistically equal.

    1. Ritual suicide is a cultural norm for resolving shame and failure. If the Japanese had more guns, they'd have an even higher rate; firearms are more lethal means with which to commit suicide.

      No doubt they'd also have more murders than they do without guns.

      You don't make a good argument for more guns, only for fewer guns.

    2. Dog gone,

      If a Japanese person wants to commit ritual suicide to resolve their feelings of shame and failure, do you really think they will risk a botched suicide attempt -- which would simply add to their sense of shame and failure?

      What the Japanese illustrate is that a person who is bound and determined to harm themselves will succeed. If you want to create a positive sweeping impact on society, you have to heal the underlying problems that lead to undesirable behavior. Attacking the substance of the behavior is futile.

      You must understand how profound that last statement is. People are incredibly resourceful and will find ways to accomplish a purpose. Just think about the thousands of ways that someone can get high: sniffing markers, solvents, perfumes, nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans, stuff that is absolutely impossible to eliminate. Want to ban alcohol consumption? Well you cannot ban yeast and corn ... all you need to brew your own. And trying to ban firearms? Aside from easy, inexpensive purchases of firearms smuggled from foreign countries, I can go to a hardware store and purchase the parts to make a simple 20 gauge shotgun with 1/2 inch galvanized pipe, a spring, and a couple other small parts. It would hardly take an afternoon. If the improvised 20 gauge shotgun doesn't do it, I could make a small, lethal spear gun out of surgical tubing and other parts at the hardware store. Again, both of those activities cost less than $20 and an afternoon. If I am a little more ambitious, I could make a more complex firearm with a couple day's work. Oh, and what about the 10s of thousands of machine shops in the U.S., any one of which could easily make complex revolvers and semiautomatic pistols?

      Trying to eliminate firearms is an impossible battle. You would accomplish much more benefit to society if you helped reform the attitudes that lead to wanton violence and crime.

  2. DG said, If the Japanese had more guns, they'd have an even higher rate;

    That is pure speculation on your part.

    DG said,firearms are more lethal means with which to commit suicide.

    Aren't you the one who just posted this story about a non-lethal suicide attempt? LOL!!!!
    orlin sellers

  3. Greg said, "People are incredibly resourceful and will find ways to accomplish a purpose."

    SOME people are, Greg, SOME. Others do a spur of the moment irrational act with a gun if it's handy. Those people more often end up dead, unlike the guy in the story. And one fascinating survey I read interviewed survivors of gunshot attempted suicides. EVERY one said they were glad they lived and wouldn't do it again.

    1. I'd probably say anything, too, to get out of the psyche ward.

    2. By the way, Capn Crunch made the comment, not I.