Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Obama Haters

from The Immoral Minority


  1. I'm curious, Obama is a mulatto so is it the white half or the black half that they hate, or could it possibly be his half-baked policies?
    orlin sellers

    1. Orlin, you are willfully stupid, not just accidentally stupid.

      Which half, the black or the white, do you think 'Nig' refers to here?

      The right is running in panic precisely because Obama's policies, where they are different, have been more successful than his right wing conservative predecessor who is shaping up to go down in history as the new worst president ever.

  2. Racism is what the ignorant have to fall back on when their intelligence is lacking--iow, at the beginning of the argument.

  3. @democommie
    Im at a gifted IQ of 126, and I won't renig.

    I didnt nig up in the first place.

  4. Thanks Demonigger for demonstrating your high IQ. That's impressive.