Friday, February 24, 2012

Big Guns and Helicopters

via Oliver Willis

Yes, you can buy a gun powerful enough to take out a helicopter. Without a background check. This is insane.


  1. Today said it so it must be true.

    The .50 BMG cartridge has been around for 90 years but suddenly civilian helicopters are falling from the skies. More sensationalism for a non problem which is what most gun control ideas are anyway.

  2. There is so much in this video that is nonsense.

    1. Police departments issue hollowpoint bullets to their officers because hollowpoints are safer. They don't overpenetrate, and they often mean fewer shots are required.

    2. Fifty caliber rifles taking down helicopters--sereiously? How many helicopter shoots do we hear about? Shooting down a aircraft is difficult to do. That's not something that an ordinary civilian gets to practice But here we go again with the scare tactics.

    3. It must be pleasant working for a television show with lots of cash lying around. These reporters just spent many thousands of dollars, and they're going to have those weapons destroyed.

    4. Buying guns across state lines without an FFL is already illegal. Unless the buyer and the seller live in the same state, we just witnessed a crime. I suppose the BATFE authorized this sting operation?

    5. Tossing around AK-47 is like calling a computer a PC. There are lots of PCs in this world, and they're not all alike. There are lots of variations on the AK carbine, too. A fully automatic version requires lots of paperwork and background checks to be legal. True full-auto models cost a lot of money, if they're legal. Without paperwork, selling one is against the law already.

    These people claim to be reporters, but they can't get basic facts straight. This calls into question their credibility.

    On another subject, I've been informed that Dog Gone has left this blog. I don't know why that is, but I, for one, wish that she would reconsider her decision. I can enjoy the company of people with whom I have disagreements, and argument is a pleasure in itself. Good luck to you, Dog Gone, whatever you do.

    1. "On another subject, I've been informed that Dog Gone has left this blog"

      Interesting. I also notice that comments are no longer moderated. Coincidence?

    2. We've made some changes, yes. I wouldn't write Dog Gone off completely though. She has an open invitation to post and comment.

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    Greg Camp is one delusional piece of work.

    How the hell do you find time to teach, "Teach"?

    1. Rather than address my points, you rant, Democommie. Do you have anything constructive to say?

  4. Is there any documented evidence of this happening even once in the US, much less the many times that would make it an epidemic worthy of taking legislative action against?

    Someone's been watching too many movies again.

    1. I watch too many movies, but I also know that background checks on all sales would save lives if not helicopters.

    2. how would background checks on all sales be enforced?

    3. by also requiring registration of all guns and licensing of all gun owners.

    4. Mikeb, given the expense of a .50 caliber rifle and its ammunition, it's highly unlikely that a criminal would choose that as his weapon. It's not exactly a throwaway gun. On the subject of registration, though, we've told you that that is a step necessary for eventual confiscation, and we won't go along with it.

    5. That would be a burden on the law-abiding citizen only. SCOTUS has ruled that a felon cannot be compelled to register a firearm, as it would be a violation of 5A rights.
      From Haynes v. U.S. (1968):..we are required to resolve only the narrow issue of whether enforcement of § 5851 against petitioner, despite his assertion of the privilege against self-incrimination, is constitutionally permissible.
      and the answer: We hold that a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for failure to register a firearm under § 5841 or for possession of an unregistered firearm under § 5851.

      The law in question has since been changed regarding registration of firearms under the NFA but the ruling still stands and has been used as a defense in about 400 cases.

      I'm with you as far reducing violent acts, including violent acts with firearms. Every time some dumbass uses a firearm to do something stupid, it makes the rest of us look bad, but focus has to be on actions that would only effect criminals and not infringe on the rights of the citizens.

  5. yep, more propaganda "the sky if falling" horse droppings from the anti-rights establishment. Or would that be helicopters falling?

    It's funny, right in the middle of this anti-rights story, is a headline for another story "Chicks with Guns".

    You'd think this "journalist" would educate himself, at least slightly, on the subject matter about which he writes.

    tactical assault rifle modified to use bullets for an AK-47, along

    That sounds so scary. I suspect it's an AR platform with a 7.62 upper.

    with an easy-to-conceal pistol

    I think most pistol are easy to conceal

    hollow-point bullets, made to inflict serious internal damage

    Aren't most bullets designed to inflict damage?

    I'm so glad this "journalist" has brought to light the evils of owning or selling a firearm. I hope his next Exposé is on the evils of operating a motor vehicle.

  6. The "tactical rifle" is an SKS which is about 50 years old, IIRC. Also, it's not "modified" to use bullets from an AK-47. That's what it was originally chambered in when it was developed all those years ago.

  7. I'm so animated this "journalist" has brought to ablaze the evils of owning or affairs a firearm. I achievement his next Exposé is on the evils of operating a motor vehicle.