Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gun Loon Mentality

From the AAAARGH, It's the Mr. Hell Show:

It comes at the end.

Unfortunately, it cut the bit where they make a comment that it was wonderful anyone can buy an automatic weapon in the USA and how many guns there are in that country.

Naw, guns don't kill people....

People with guns kill people.

And so do Psychotic Seals:

Yes, it's a brilliant idea to make guns easily accessible for psychos, but look at all the mass shootings in the US--and they aren't cartoons.

I don't think this show ever made it to the US.


  1. Taxes, fees, artificially high prices due to fixed supply and long wait times for applications put full-auto weapons out of reach for most Americans who are statutorily qualified.

    But the American al-Qaeda guy in the propaganda video said it was true, so I guess you should believe him.

  2. But then again, you reported someone to the ATF for a Glock 7 comedy video on youtube. Did you ever get a call back on that?

    Commenting on your lack of knowledge about firearms is like beating up a fat slow kid on the playground.

    1. Hey, you're gonna have a tough time persuading me you're a responsible if you're going to post stupid shit like that.

      But, the real question is did ATF contact you?

      I mean--I want to know what type of bozo is allowed to own guns and make videos that show he thinks they're toys.

      Seriously, you need to watch it with those things--or do you think they are completely safe in the hands of morons?

    2. BTW, if I don't know anything about guns--I can't wait until you shoot yourself with your plaything.

    3. Furthermore, do you make stupid jokes like that when you're in airport security?

      I bloody well hope so.

      You're a prime example of why the US needs gun control--to keep guns out of the hands of morons like yourself.

    4. Seriously, anon, do you say stupid shit just because you can say stupid shit?

      I mean, you're anonymous on the internet, you think no one can pin down who you are--so say something retarded?

      Seriously, you can look at yourself and think you are reeally clever when you are coming off as a real dickhead.

      Of course, you find other dickheads who will tell you how clever you are.

      It'll take a serious wake up call for you to realise you're just a moron.

      I can't wait for that day.

    5. Is it part of your self image to be an asshole, anon?

      Do you feel good being an asshole, anon?

      Does this give you power by being an asshole, anon?

      Personally, I see you as being an ignorant bastard who loves to show the world his ignorance.

      You aren't funny, you're pathetic.

    6. So, Laci, you're admitting that you communicated with the ATF over that Glock 7 video?

    7. "BTW, if I don't know anything about guns--I can't wait until you shoot yourself with your plaything."

      It is hilarious watching you lecture somebody about their knowledge of guns and then hoping that they have a negligent discharge.

      Isn't your lack of knowledge what caused you to have not one, but two negligent discharges?

      This stuff is comedy gold!

    8. Epic meltdown is epic. Thanks Laci!

  3. Life is more complex than most Disney movies. Need I say more?

    1. Wow, that's pretty funny coming from you, Greg.

  4. I guess we can discount Eddie Eagle.

  5. WOW!!!! I haven't seen a kindergarten temper fit like that for years. rotflmao!
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