Wednesday, February 22, 2012

About 1,000 DGUs per Year

There are two types of people pushing the DGU lies. One is the guy who sells books or training courses, like Dave Feesenden pictured above, making money on the fear and insecurity of others. And two, the fearful and insecure gun owners who are trying to justify their wrong decisions.

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  1. FBI Statistics show that for the five-year period ending in 2010, there was an average of 213 justifiable homicides per year by firearm.

    by private citizens. What the PP doesn't mention is that of all justified homicides (2010), private citizens account for 42% while police account for 58%. It seems that private citizens minding their own business are taking a bite out of crime.

    especially given that many alleged defensive gun uses involve nothing more than mentioning the existence of a gun!

    It would seem that the PP doesn't believe that simply mentioning that you have a gun would deter a bad guy. here is a story about a homeowner mentioning to a burglar that he has a gun. I wonder if this would count as a DGU.

  2. Mike, only 1000 per year? Where? LOLs! Seriously tho, just the small towns here in Texas that border Mexico probably have more than that each year in each town. Quite a few of these small comunities have become off limits to travelers because of the illegal border crossings and drug wars from the illegals. Those places have become just down right war zones.

  3. Don't you think you're exaggerating just a bit? I know that's what it's all about in the DGU estimation game, but come on? 1,000 DGUs a year in a small town?

  4. Not really, no. The rest of Texas is a wonderful place, but that small percentage at the border is a real madhouse. Nobody wants to take it to public notice because "border control" is working. The fact is, it isnt. Unfortunatly I have to work those border lands and I see first hand the havoc that it has in the little towns. Store owners lock thier doors unless they know who it is, motels are closed and the resident people run or fight.

    A couple of these little towns have posted war zone notices at the town limits. And you will see countless signs warning about NOT picking up hitch hickers in long stretches of roads around there. Just helping one of those people out will get you killed.

    Its well known what goes on around there but does not get the rest of the states attention, the rest of the state has to deal with those illegals as they get deeper into the state. Its not the residents of the towns fighting to keep the illegals out, its the illegals fighting amongst each other that draw in the residents.

    I dont go around there much anymore, but at times I have no choice. When I do, several of us go and are heavily armed. Concealed carry doesnt mean much in those places, and wont untill the problem can be effectivly dealt with. Everyone is armed and there is no mistake about it around those places.