Friday, February 24, 2012

Captain Beefheart Festival 2011-2012 - 15th Night of the Living Van Vliet

Here's the explanation of the origin and the dates.

Thanks to Microdot for the title of the Festival.

Zen Comix has joined the festivities.

Zig zag wanderer, zig zag wanderer (rep.)
You can huff, you can puff
You'll never blow my house down
You can zig, you can zag
Whoa I'm gonna stay, gonna stay around (rep.)

You can jump, you can holler
Never lose what I found
Heaven's free 'cept for a dollar
You can zig, you can zag
Whoa I'm gonna stay, gonna stay around (rep.)

The zig zag wanderer had a zigzag child
Zig zag traveller for the mercy mile
Found his wheels and nature scene
Quenched his thirst, (in a?) way it never been
Zig zag wanderer (rep.)

You can dance, you can prance
Freeze those timbers, drop some beams
Hide my shield, throw away my lance
Zig zag child, mercy mile
Zig zag dream, zig zag dream
Zig zag


  1. I'm gonna do another Van Vliet post tonight...I have to wait til the moon comes out for my inspiration! I'm still having some side effects from those big eyed beans from venus I ingested a few days ago...I have to recvieve my uhhhh....equilibrium....and then try to write something relevant to the plane of existence I am inconveniently forced to deal with...when of course, I'd rather be somewhere else....but zig zag....back in the day when a bass could drive a great rock song...being primarily a bass player, this is one of my all time fave Beefheart pieces....that bass break!
    If you actually would like to see me play bass, I posted a piece today that a friend found in a box in a closet on a video from 1980. I was just learning how to play bass, but what a great band! Belle Star, Li 1980 Tompkins Square Park, Loisada...

  2. not sure what happened when I dropped the address into the comment....but check it out....

  3. here's that link