Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tex Grebner's Famous Negligent Discharge

via Gracie over on Packing Pretty, where she actually said old "Tex is a courageous and humble man who wants only for the viewer to learn from his mistakes, so they don’t have to learn through their own."

Actually, what Tex is is a brazen self-promoter.  He said, "Things just tend to happen.  I just hope that they never happen to me again and I hope that they never happen to you." 

My response:

Gracie, Thanks for posting this one. We discussed it on my blog last summer.

I don’t see Tex in the kindly light you do, humble and only concerned with helping others. I see him as a low-intelligence and dangerous character. He’s too dumb to realize the full impact of what he did. His motives for putting it on Youtube are suspect, in my opinion. Self-promotion comes to mind.

He said, and I suppose you’re condoning it, that negligent discharges happen. He said he hopes they never happen to him again. 

Don’t you find that shirking his responsibility a little bit, as if lightning strikes or meteors fall, there’s nothing we can do about it and let’s HOPE they never happen again.

Negligent discharges ONLY happen to the negligent. And negligent people sometimes get other people killed or injured. Immediate loss of gun rights should follow such negligence.

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  1. Similarly, any blogger who gullibly reports a fake Glock 7 YouTube video to the ATF should permanently lose blogging rights. Hi Laci!

    Any new sightings of heat seeking 9mm pistols that fit 100 rounds within the pistol grip? Or that have laser cutting torches? Keep the reports of these dangerous guns coming.

  2. Awwwww, poor assnonymouse, him get feefeez all hurted.

    Tex Grebner is, in his own words, a fucking moron; anyone who fails to understand cause and effect would fall into that category.

  3. "Negligent discharges ONLY happen to the negligent. And negligent people sometimes get other people killed or injured."

    Agreed. Truly negligent people like Laci the Dog. It takes a special kind of stupid to repeat your mistake twice.

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  5. We made a little parody about Tex's situation here:
    Enjoy :)