Saturday, February 25, 2012


There has been some off-line discussion about comments amongst the bloggers who contribute to this blog. This is my opinion on the matter:

I pretty much make it clear that I am for the most part comment adverse, since I rarely see any comments worth actually reading.

And while you lot believe that free speech means that we need to publish your viewpoint, whether we want to or not--I need to point out that is incorrect.

Freedom of speech and expression is supposed to allow for more ideas to enter the intellectual marketplace, not have people shout them down with inane comments.

We are under no obligation to publish your comments--no matter how witty you may believe them to be.

Furthermore, we don't need to read them.

MikeB and I disagree about comment quality etcetera and JadeGold points out you would complain whether we publish your comments or not.

The main problem is that you believe you are winning if we don't respond for some reason--never mind that your comment may be repetitive and already answered.

Of course, I know that some of you are attention starved and have to make comments here to get a response--you need that response since it affirms your existence, no matter how pathetic your comments and opinions may be.

Maybe the lack of attention will cause you to wither away. That is my hope.


  1. The new comment policy is that moderation is off, only I will maintain admin rights to delete comments and that will be done only in the most extreme cases of vulgarity, judged by me.

  2. Thanks for the new, improved policy, Mikeb.
    orlin sellers

  3. Yes, Mikeb, thanks for the change. I do miss the green background, though.

  4. I see this site as a chance for people of opposing views to discuss the subject of guns in American society. The regulars--bloggers and commentors--may not change their minds, but others do read this. In that sense, among others, this conversation has value. Besides, I enjoy what goes on here.

  5. So, is that wht Dog Gone is gone?

  6. By the way, is JadeGold still around? He dumped a pile of comments on one of the articles on my blog and never came back. I haven't seen more than a comment or two here in the time that I've been visiting.

  7. All co-bloggers are still on, some are busy with other things. When that changes I'll remove their names from the list on the sidebar.