Thursday, February 23, 2012

And Another Wally-World Shooting

This one wasn't in the bathroom, it was employees.

I'm waiting for the usual commenters to tell us how we don't have too many shootings in the U.S.

I have more, for when they do.  Ready yet to admit that we have too many guns, and too many shootings, dear readers?

Another attempted murder - suicide, apparently, with some dangerous shots fired at law enforcement as well.

But that's all ok; our gun nuts loves them their gunz, and NOTHING else matters.


Virginia sheriff: Wal-Mart worker shoots boss, kills self

DINWIDDIE, Va. -- An employee at a Wal-Mart distribution center shot his manager in her leg, then fatally shot himself Wednesday afternoon, the Dinwiddie County Sheriff's Office told NBC station WWBT of Richmond.
The shooter was a 32-year-old Petersburg man who had worked in the shipping department for nine years, WBBT said. He was working on the day shift and had just returned from his lunch break when he opened fire, the Sheriff's Office told WWBT. After shooting his manager, he fired two shots at deputies responding to the scene before turning the gun on himself, officials told WWBT.
Authorities said the 40-year-old manager, also from Petersburg, has worked at the facility for 18 years. Authorities are withholding her and the gunman's names until their families are notified, WBBT said.


  1. but...but...but..Walmart doesn't permit its employees to carry at work.

  2. Would you prefer he hacked him to death with a machete?

  3. I'd prefer that effective gun control laws were in effect and some of the people like this guy wouldn't have such easy access.

  4. Dog Gone, I know how to do arithmetic. If you divide the number of these incidents by the total number of guns in this country or by the number of gun owners or even by the number of legal gun carriers, you get a tiny result.

    No murder is acceptable, but the current number is such that a radical solution isn't warranted.

  5. I'd prefer that gun control laws already on the books be enforced.