Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Captain Beefheart Festival 2011-2012 - 13th Night of the Living Van Vliet

Number 13 of Rob Chalfen's "Top 14 Reasons Why Captain Beefheart Was a True American Genius"

13. at 11 had his own show sculpting animals on LA TV. Won a scholarship to study art in Europe, but his folks wouldn't let him go, as all artists were 'fags'. Folks moved to Lancaster to get him away from the decadent element. There he met Frank Zappa


  1. I always liked "Safe as Milk" great stuff

  2. wow, I never heard about the TV show....lots of reality taking up my time the last few days. I'm going to post Big Eyed Beans From Venus tonight, because I've been singing it all day! I took out all the old window frames in my barn and am rebuilding them so they will actually have glass in them! I think the fact that it is almost warmish here is making me lazy.

  3. VanVliet was a true American genius .his music was a free form flowing poem sometimes like a psycedelic trip other times a groovy jazz .a unique hippie type guy and group that were true artists. VanVliet has a special singing voice that is hard to label but very cool and unique. how he blended his voice and tone was a gem he could be totally real and street and gravely(like the Carvel guy) or far out and mellow. he lives on in his masterpieces. HB Jerry U.S. is #1*****!