Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Because......

This is hilarious.  And just think, there is no impediment to either of these two jackasses carrying guns and making just as poor decisions about firing THOSE as they do about deck, booze, and bottle rockets out of their asses.  We arm the stupid and clumsy and incompetent, and then we wonder why there are problems that result.........
From 'Only in America':
The bottom rocket
Bottle rocket
A West Virginia college student is suing his fraternity, alleging that he fell off a deck when a drunken frat brother fired a bottle rocket out of his own anus. Louis Helmburg III alleges that Travis Hughes's bottle-rocket stunt so startled him that he jumped back and fell. "Firing bottle rockets out of one's anus," the lawsuit states, "constitutes an 'ultrahazardous' activity."


  1. I suppose now that you want to ban fraternities. After all, how many brothers or pledges die every year? How can we tolerate this threat to our lives and our freedom?

    1. No. But of course YOU like to make false claims like that because you are part of the gun crowd that can't stand solid reasoning or close scrutiny.

      I'm perfectly fine with limiting dangerous fireworks, and not allowing stupid people like this to have lethal weapons.

      THAT is sane and reasonable; you hate sane and reasonable, you don't DO well with sane or reasonable, you have to try to find some way to distort it or lie about it or create a false extreme, because reasonable and honest isn't good for your arguments.

    2. I'm trying to follow your "reasoning." You want gun control because a small number of gun owners do bad things. The same would seem to apply to fraternities. What's the difference?

    3. You know the difference, and if you don't, you need more remediation to learn critical thinking than I care to provide.

      There is NOT only a 'small number of gun owners' who do bad things. There are a lot of guns that are used to do a lot of bad things.

      What the idiots in fraternaties do is usually not a comparable level of death and injuries to that which is firearm related.

      This kind of false analogies would be encompassed by what the Brits call playing at silly buggers. You're either incredibly stupid, or playing the fool, or both.

      In either case, you haven't advanced a point or position worthy of respect.

  2. Dang, I hate it when that happens.

  3. Well, I suppose shooting a bottle rocket OUT of one's anus might be only a "hazardous activity", whereas shooting one INTO one's anus would prolly be "ultrahazardous". Perhaps our resident ballistics expert, Prof. Camp, can conduct an experiment relating to that subject and let us know its result?

  4. One miss-timed fart and you could be looking at some serious burn issues there :p