Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Ohio Couple Face Additional Charges in Child's Shooting

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A  Hamilton County grand jury adds more charges to a couple charged in connection with the accidental shooting of a toddler in Avondale. 

Cordero Warren and Ebony McDavis told police that McDavis' 3-year-old daughter was shot during random gunfire outside of their Tacoma Avenue home on December 17. Police determined the little girl was shot inside their home with a gun belonging to Warren, a gun that he is not allowed to have. 

Prosecutor Joe Deters says the little girl is still in the hospital. The grand jury added child endangering, assault and tampering with evidence to the falsification charge McDavis already faces. Cordero was originally charged with tampering with evidence. 

He now is charged with child endangering, assault, negligent assault, falsification and a gun charge. If he's convicted of all charges he could face 17 years in prison. Police say they still don't know the location of the gun that injured the little girl.   

In a release, Deters said, “It remains a mystery to me how a mother can constantly lie in order to protect a boyfriend when her baby has been shot.  Prison is where both of these people should be residing.” 

Now, these guys really know how to pay for their negligence. First, be black, second, lie to the cops, and third, get rid of the gun.


  1. "Authorities say Warren -- a convicted felon -- possessed a loaded gun at the residence. That was the gun that fired and wounded the girl. The prosecutor's office said Warren's prior felony conviction for drug trafficking prevents him from legally possessing a firearm."

    Being a felon and lying about it also helps, race notwithstanding.

    1. You have said it's fine for police to lie. Why would you expect anyone to tell the truth to the police, if police lie?

    2. Actually I believe I said that the courts have said that police lying to suspects is lawful within certain limits.

    3. Ducked the question, but I didn't really expect you to answer, you never do.