Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TSA Sees Increase in Guns Confiscated, Third Year in a Row

Overall almost five guns were confiscated by TSA on a daily basis across the country in 2013. Atlanta DFW and Houston topped the list. Photo credit: National Security Zone

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According to information compiled by the TSA, the agency in charge of transportation security, encountered over 1,800 guns in 2013, an increase of some 20 percent from the previous year. 

 This information comes from the Medill National Security Journalism Initiative for National Security Zone, who compiled the data directly from the TSA’s own popular ongoing blog.

In their data, more than 207 airports in the U.S. during 2013 had at least a single gun found. Of these Atlanta topped the list with over 110 guns found, a rate of about two guns a week. Following Atlanta was Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston’s Bush Airport.

It's interesting that the gigantic airports in New York, New Jersey and California are not on the list. The gun-friendly states are well-represented though.


  1. Yes, it's not surprising that the states that allow carry would be more representative.

  2. More proof that stricter laws are needed.