Thursday, January 9, 2014

John Cassata, the Mendon Restaurant Shooter to be Held Accountable


Local news reports further to our earlier post at which time there were no charges.

The man who accidentally shot himself and his friend in a crowded Mendon restaurant over the weekend was charged Tuesday with felony reckless endangerment and misdemeanor assault, according to a Monroe County Sheriff's Office spokesman.
John Cassata, 70, of Fairport, was showing his .38-caliber handgun to a friend, Charles Raab, 67, while sitting in the Cottage Hotel during the lunch hour on Saturday when the gun discharged, sending a bullet through Cassata's hand, ricocheting off his leg and grazing Raab's ankle, according to the Sheriff's Office.
Witnesses said the shooting left Cassata bleeding heavily and repeating, "I have a permit. I have a permit," referring to his pistol.
A woman who answered the phone at Cassata's home and who identified herself as his wife said her husband did not want to comment on the incident.
Sheriff's spokesman Cpl. John Helfer said Cassata did have a permit for the weapon but that it has been put on hold and the weapon has been confiscated

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