Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Washington Lawful and Responsible Gun Owner Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Parking Lot of the Pub

Local news reports

Just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 2, an older man was accidentally shot in the thigh in the parking lot of Elmer’s Pub, located at 15027 Ambaum Blvd SW in Burien.
When deputies arrived they found a 66-year old Burien man inside the pub with a gunshot wound to his upper leg.
Apparently the man had been outside smoking with a friend when the topic of guns came up.
He then pulled a gun out of his car and accidentally shot himself.


  1. Another "law abiding gun owner" keep us "safe"....

    1. Are you going to rush to the rescue with your sword and tights?

    2. We will give him a trophy like you gun loons do.

  2. The story illustrates several common problems with the gun owners. When guns are not allowed in bars and they leave them in cars out in the parking lot, they're just asking for trouble. In this case it wasn't a car theft and another gun that slipped into the criminal world, it was the half-drunk idiot gun owner himself who fucked up. And you know the usual nonchalance with which these incidents are met, if there are no extenuating circumstances - being black, having a little pot, lying to the cops, etc., the bumbling gun owner will go on his merry way. We may see him again next year when his granddaughter shoots herself with his gun or some other incident of negligence.

    The obvious answer is one strike you're out.