Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oklahoma 5-Year-old Shot - No Charges

Local news reports

Cherokee County sheriff’s investigators filed a report this week on the accidental shooting of a 5-year-old boy. Deputy Dexter Scott spoke to the boy’s mother this week and learned her older son had gone hunting with a friend. 

When the two finished hunting, the boys left the rifle on a bed, where the 5-year-old later found it. The woman said she was working in her office when she heard her son yelling for help. 

She went to the boy, who told her the gun had “hit” him. She noticed a bullet hole in the boy’s leg and took him to a local hospital. Medical personnel told deputies the boy will make a full recovery, and the bullet had not caused serious damage. 


  1. No word on how old the son is. If he's an adult, its on him. If not, its on the parent that let him go hunting.

    1. If there was a gun safe, and used correctly, this would not have happened.