Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloodshed in Oakland

The count was 3 dead and 1 wounded. You know what the pro-gun response is, almost like a reflex action, they say, "how could that happen in California with such strict gun control?

Well this sarcastic and unthinking response is one of the many the so-called gun-rights activists like to repeat over and over again until some type of value seems to attach itself to the remark.  

The true purpose of repeating such inanities is to divert attention from the real issue, which is the question, where do these guns come from.  The answer is they come from lawful gun owners. In every case, tracing the gun back from the murderer's hand to the manufacturer, there is a crucial point in which it passed from the good guys to the bad guys.

I hold those last legitimate gun owners responsible.  I hold all the rest of the gun owners who support this system responsible. And I support stricter controls on gun owners which would make this kind of gun flow very very diffucult.

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