Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kansas Shooting Death Called Accidental

Three young men, a handgun, a bullet in the eye, these are the elements of the story.  The two survivors were released by the police.  The dead boy was 18.

What went wrong? Of course some of us think a big part of the problem is the too easy access to guns.  But beyond that, there's the question of a presumed lack of training and education.  These things do happen to people who are trained and educated in firearms, but they'd be much less likely. I'll bet that's a common-sense deduction the pro-gun crowd would allow.

So, what went wrong was a combination of access to the gun and lack of training and education. Can we agree on that?

But what about this?  Some people are just too stupid or reckless or arrogant to benefit from the training and education.  In fact, the very people who need it most are the same ones who, if they even bothered, would not learn the needed lessons.  So, although I don't oppose training and education, I reject it as a solution for gun accidents.

Our only hope is the keep guns out of the wrong hands.  What's your opinion?

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