Thursday, November 11, 2010

Exonerated Murderer Denied Gun Purchase

via Laci we have this fascinating story. The guy's murder conviction was overturned and years later he's being denied a gun.

Let's say it's exactly what they say it is, a bureaucratic mess that wrongly prejudices this guy. I won't argue with those who say that's what it is, especially if he's lived a clean and productive life since his release from jail.

I say this is the price we pay for freedom.  There are always going to be some problems some abuses some mess-ups in any system.  But if we want proper gun control in order to keep as many guns out of the hands of dangerous people, this is the price we pay. And it's a small price to pay for the freedom of not having to worry so much about bad guys with guns.

You see, the "freedom" often bantered about by the gun-rights advocates is anything but. Those are guys who feel they need guns on their persons and in their homes just to survive.  That's not freedom. Freedom would be not having to have a gun and not having to worry about the other guy who has one - is he a good guy or a bad guy? 

The pro-gun notion of "freedom" is more about convenience to do what they want regardless of the consequences. The consequences of their "freedom" are a country that's awash in guns, a country in which there's, dare I say it, blood in the streets. Anyone who objectively reads the news knows this.

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  1. MikeB: “I say this is the price we pay for freedom.”

    You have it backwards. When you say that line it is supposed to favor the citizens over the system- guns or no guns.

  2. "“I say this is the price we pay for freedom.”

    We do not have freedom. Freedom is what we had before the Brady Bill, the Hughes Amendment, the GCA of 1968, and the NFA.

  3. AztecRed, when was that exactly? When did we have freedom and what was it like?