Friday, November 12, 2010

Iowa Gun Laws

This article in the Chicago Tribune was not completely clear.  Does it mean all Iowans who have a concealed carry permit will now be issued another permit for open carry?  Is that a change in the law?

...starting in January permits will be issued for Iowans who have a legal gun permit to carry unconcealed weapons in public. 

Another statement about the law was completely clear about the gun-friendly mentality in Iowa.
Leaders in the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association said Wednesday a new state law also would allow Iowans to drink alcohol while carrying a handgun.
Where are all the car comparisons when we need them? What could these people possibly be thinking?

I've made my opinion about drinking gun owners clear on a number of occasions. But, being both practical and reasonable, I wouldn't expect everyone to live up to the strict standards I talk about. But to make it a part of the law is going too far. That's worse than blogging about it.

What's your opinion? Do you think Iowa is tired of being lost in the crowd of mediocre gun-friendly states and is vying for a higher position?

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  1. Same rule as today except all states permits to carry accepted in Iowa come 1 JAN 2011 - if you have a permit to carry handguns, you may do so openly or concealed throughout Iowa, including (generally) inside local governmental buildings.

    If you do not have the permit to carry, you can open carry handguns at age 18 on foot in unincorporated areas.

    Learn more at

  2. I’ll stand up and say I don’t support laws that allow drinking while carrying. The requirements should be 0.0 BAC, or something that doesn't throw people in jail for taking cold medicine 2hrs ago.

  3. I'd say the law should just be the same as driving while impaired. A motor vehicle is a significantly more complex piece of machinery to safely operate than a firearm, yet we let people have a drink or two and then drive home (actual impairment doesn't occur until about 0.1 BAC anyways). Here in PA, the state doesn't have a problem with me imbibing a beer or two (and my personal limit is no more than that, period) with dinner and driving home, all while legally carrying my firearm, and neither do I. I've never been tempted to pull out my pistol and shoot some guy that cut me off.

  4. I think TS is even stricter than I am. I'm somewhere in between the 0.0 BAC while carrying and the way Colin said it, the 0.1 like for driving.

    What I object to are the gun owners who either ignore the whole subject or insist that drinking does not diminish their ability to be responsible.

    I find it odd that the same guys who talk about situational awareness and practice quick response methods in case of attack or home invasion would allow themselves to drink, even occasionally. But if those guys put the guns away when they do that occasional drinking, like FWM does, I don't have a big problem with it.