Sunday, November 7, 2010

How Gunloons Think

Here we have the "American Mercenary" with a note to Paul Helmke:
NRA members outnumber "gun violence victims"
In a DEMOCRACY that means that NRA members get their way.
Sucks to be on the losing team, doesn't it?

What the "American Mercenary" means by this is unclear. What is clear, however, is that AM believes he has discovered the way to compare apples and oranges.

What is AM thinking?
Only non-NRA members are gun violence victims
When someone becomes a gun violence victim-nobody else is affected
All NRA members think alike
AM is retarded
All of the above free polls


  1. You forgot one possibility, JadeGal: There is NO gun violence at all; since guns do not empower themselves, the 'gun violence' meme is a creation of you lefty statists who desire nothing more than to control every aspect of Free Citizen's lives. And with that meme you are desirous to take out of the equation the fact that sorry losers have to pull the triggers; and most likely those sorry losers vote Democrat, and are very much of the moocher-class that Dems attract and require to stay in power.

    It's a damned shame you are losing, losing, losing your lefty statist battles.

  2. "and most likely those sorry losers vote Democrat"


  3. four total votes...who voted twice?

  4. Please, Serr8d, cap the haterade. That's getting us nowhere.

  5. What American Mercenary said is really no different than what the Brady Campaign says when they trot out their bought-and-paid-for "survey" that says the majority of NRA members agree with their cockamamy, rights violation schemes.

  6. KevinH, I direct your attention to the post title.

    Your irony meter is broken, obviously.


    (those are Twitter hashtags, BTW)

  7. It's a damned shame you are losing, losing, losing your lefty statist battles.

    Cooooollll! I can't wait until the US is like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Somalia.

  8. Weer'd really made me laugh. "Who voted twice?"

  9. "Cooooollll! I can't wait until the US is like Afghanistan, Iraq, or Somalia."

    Or Chicago on any warm weathered weekend.

  10. Sadly, Az Red, it is places like gun-friendly NOLA or Miami that are much more similar to Iraq or Somalia.

  11. By your own words a US city does not equal the country of Iraq, Guy.

    Laci, don't even get me started on the various failures of the statist governments of Europe. If it wasn't for us and our maverick gun culture, you'd all be sprechen Deutsch and goosestepping around right now. If Europe is your idea of a success story, I'll keep my 14,000 gun deaths a year along with the rest of the Constitution, thanks.

  12. Colin said, "I'll keep my 14,000 gun deaths a year."

    Now, there's a bit of spinning if ever I've seen it. Or was it just an oversight? You must have meant "gun homicides." Are you one of those guys who thinks the more-than-14,ooo gun suicides a year don't count because those people all made a choice that they would have carried out with another means if no gun had been available?

  13. I absolutely do not count suicides, Mike. People trying to kill themselves will use a variety of means; just look at Japan which doesn't have our gun culture yet has a much higher suicide rate than the US. That being the case, I definitely meant "gun homicides," because if you're going to discuss statistics related to gun violence, that's the only meaningful number.

  14. Fair enough, but Colin if you mean homicides you have to say that.

    I don't like the Japan comparison. Maybe you've read my objections to it before but basically it fails because the Japanese people have a culture which in the past has glorified suicide, that's their legacy. We have quite the opposite.

    Do you think in present day Japan, there would be no increase in suicides if they had the gun availability we have?

  15. If Japan's high suicide rate is related solely to their cultural history, I fail to see how firearm availability would make a difference in the rate. Here's some WHO data that shows Australia, with no cultural history of suicide and much heavier restrictions on firearms ownership than the US, with a 20% higher suicide rate as well--26.3/100K vs 21.7/100K ( BTW, per the same data, Japan's suicide rate is over double that of the US (50.6/100K), which I don't believe is solely due to their culture. Similarly, Finland (45.5/100K) and Switzerland (36.5/100K), with gun cultures similar to the US have suicide rates far in excess of ours. In conclusion, I don't think you can draw comparisons between gun ownership and overall suicide rates, Mike.

  16. Colin, I didn't say Japanese suicide "is related solely to their cultural history." You added the "solely" part, which changes what I said.

    Their tradition of honorable suicide plays a part. In addition they have all the other factors like any other modern society. If you added gun availability like we have, the numbers would go up for the same reason they're so high here. Many more suicides attempts are successful by using a gun than the other popular means, wrist cutting or pills.