Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rick O'Shay's in Fort Wayne

More evidence of the stupidity of allowing guns in bars.


  1. "More evidence of the stupidity of allowing guns in bars."

    Except guns weren't allowed in bars there.

  2. You might want to check your facts....Mikey.

    You simply can't get the basics right - it Fort Wayne not Fort Worth.

    It says it right in the news broadcast.


    Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York says gang rivalry is to blame for Sunday morning's violence at Rick O'Shays that left two men dead and a third hospitalized.

    Hey, why don't you make up some tough laws about who can be in a gang.

    Maybe background checks, finger prints, photographs, mental health evaluations.

    If they don't pass the requirements, they can't be in a gang.

    Yeesh, you can't even get basic facts right and you want us to trust you with our rights???????

  3. Anonymous, Thanks for the heads-up. I can't imagine how I could have thought that happened in Texas.

    It doesn't change much though does it?

  4. "It doesn't change much though does it?"

    Not really, since guns aren't allowed in bars there either.