Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Fool and his Money are..

...well, you know the rest.
The NRA is fond about boasting how much clout they have in Congress. In reality, though, not so much:
Of the 49 Democratic incumbents who lost, 29 (59 percent) had an A rating from the NRA, says the Brady Campaign. and 25 (51 percent) received financial support from the NRA. The gun-control group said that two of the 101 Democratic House incumbents who co-sponsored legislation to close the gun show loophole lost. Brady president Paul Helmke argued that “appeasing the gun lobby had little political benefit.”


  1. You and Helmke both failed to mention that most all of the pro-NRA democrats that did lose were defeated by pro-NRA Republicans.

  2. Another case of the Brady Spin Cycle. The question to be asked- is congress more or less anti-gun than they were before the elections?