Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ex-Marines Smuggling Guns

As a former marine myself, posting on the Marine Corps Birthday, it pains me to admit that these guys were doing some nickel-and-dime action compared to Navy SEAL Nicholas Bickle who brought guns in directly from Afghanistan, lots of guns.

But there you have it. Even the way the marines procured their weapons was nothing compared to the high drama of the SEAL operation.
In Gitschlag's case, investigators were still trying to determine where the guns came from, but several were purchased at gun shows in Arizona, ATF spokesman Chris Hoffman said.
What's your opinion? If these enterprising ex-marines were driving over to Arizona to by guns for resale to L.A. gangs, do you think others are doing it too?

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  1. Yet another criminals got caught being criminals story. So what is your point? That gun laws are working?

  2. Former Marine? I'd like to see your DD214.

  3. AM asks, I suppose to insinuate that he doesn't believe anything I say, "Former Marine? I'd like to see your DD214."

    I answer in the words of Moe Green to Michael in I, "I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders."