Sunday, December 26, 2010

Airport Security in Miami

Amidst recent reports that the airport scanners don't always work well, here's one for the good guys.

A man headed to Cuba has been arrested at Miami International Airport after security screeners said they found a loaded gun in his fanny pack.

Miami-Dade Police arrested 48-year-old Juan Manuel Baldoquin of West Palm Beach on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and grand theft of a firearm. He was being held on $10,000 bond.

Detective Javier Baez says a Transportation Security Administration screener spotted the outline of a gun while X-raying Baldoquin's bag. Police found the loaded gun when searching the bag by hand.

Baez says Baldoquin told officers that he had forgotten that the gun was in the bag.

The gun had been reported stolen in 1996 and it was unclear why Baldoquin was carrying it.
Would you say this story illustrates why it's important for people to report their stolen weapons?

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  1. Yes it is important to report stolen weapons. However, it is more important that the government not prosecute people for being the victim of a crime.