Monday, December 27, 2010

PA Domestic Shooting - 1 Dead 2 Wounded

It was your standard domestic shooting scene, girlfriend dead, girlfriend's mother wounded, shooter wounded.

What's your answer to this kind of thing? Please leave a comment.


  1. "What's your answer to this kind of thing? "

    Keeping guys like Miguel Figueroa-Novoa in jail, because i'm willing to bet he has a criminal record.

    Well.. What do you know? I'm right. He does have a criminal record. And that's just what I could find with Google. I'm willing to bet there is more.

  2. An unlawful user of drugs? But they told me that the Brady Bunch pseudo-registry-and-time-waster-and-tree-killer-and-law-abiding-citizen-hassler keeps people like that from obtaining firearms. Their website even says so! I'm so confused...

  3. Colin, Unfortunately, gun availability for guys like this one is increasing. That's thanks to you and your friends who refuse to be inconvenienced.

  4. Well, you all have been inconveniencing us with that system (among other things) for over a decade already, and it hasn't really done what it was advertised to now, has it?

    Again, I categorically refuse any responsibility whatsoever for the criminal misuse of firearms. How many more times do I have to say that before you get it?