Monday, December 27, 2010

Police Station Shootings

 Dedicated to all our pro-gun friends who suffer from selective memory and keep repeating that crazy people with guns always choose gun-free zones for their sprees. Sometimes our biased friends even say, "You don't see these guys shooting up the police stations, do ya?"

This one's a bit old but quite dramatic.
Another one from this year. It's funny how many there are.

And another. Listen, I could go on all day with this. You get the idea, right? When pro-gun folks repeat things over and over again, you've got to consider that perhaps they're completely made up by someone and mindlessly repeated by the others.

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  1. A police station is a "Gun Free Zone". The sign at the door says so.

  2. And how many cops were killed in those 3 examples?

    Ah yes, zero.

  3. You're confusing definitions again Mike.

    They're all shootings. An average body count of one per incident, almost always the perpetrator. Ever hear of "suicide by cop?"

    They're not mass murders, which do overwhelmingly (although not quite exclusively--personally know of one police station shooting with a body count greater than four) occur in gun-free zones.

    The real question is does the "proliferation" of weapons in these environments turn potential mass murders into mere shootings?

  4. A gun free zone anywhere is like a drunk driving free highway. I get a kick out of the signs at the local VA hospital declaring the VA is a firearm free area. In some aspects, guns in America are like nuclear weapons. Once the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to put it back in.

  5. As I've said before, anecdotal evidence doesn't really prove anything, Mike. It proves even less when it doesn't even address the topic at hand. Kind of like when you post examples of shootings by PROHIBITED PURCHASERS as "proof" that 10% of us gun guys are hidden criminals.

  6. If you’re going to chastise your pro-gun friends for repeating things over and over, how come you can’t remember what it is they say? Have they not said it enough? They have been telling you that “mass murders”- as in the ones where a killer is allowed to freely kill as many people as he can (until someone with a gun shows up) happen in gun free zone. In these cases, a good guy with the gun stopped the shooter in short order, which confirms their point.

    Personally, I have never liked the point about stopping mass killers (although valid to date) because I don’t think CCW should be seen as public protection, but rather personal protection only.

  7. Van Dyke, I'm not the one confusing definitions. It's your team that uses this flawed argument. Now, of course TS can clean it up and point out that it really refers to "mass shootings," but that's not what you guys often say.

    The point is what japete said the other day, crazy gun nuts don't consider whether it's a gun free zone or not. They're just crazy.

  8. Yes Mike, they're just crazy.

    Just as crazy as a policy that arbitrarily says citizens who are otherwise trusted by the State to defend lives with firearms aren't allowed weapons inside an unsecured area--allowing mere shootings to actually progress into mass murders.